An Update On Cooking Classes


Hey Folks! I know many of you have been asking about our cooking classes! In the past we updated you about the “Red Tape” were dealing with. We are still dealing with that tape however we have found a way to work around it. Our Nutritional Lecture series covers all topics related to the areas of health, wellness, nutrition and of course spices!

We were honored to have Registered Dietitian Katy Kimball speak about eating Anti-Inflammatory foods for better health. This month we will be hosting a class on superfoods and super spices. Amy Garbo, the friendly face behind the counter at Spice Traveler also moonlights as a student at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is studying holistic nutrition and will be presenting a lecture on 5 super foods and 5 super spices. We can all benefit from eating healthier so why not join us for a night of fun. Space is limited. The next class is Tuesday August 5th at 5:45.

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  • Spice Traveler Prescott says:

    Hi Amber,
    We are currently not doing classes right now. The former owner, Erin, may still be giving private lessons or parties – if you are interested, please email me at and I’d be happy to pass your information along to her.


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