Spring Spice Feature: Vinnie The Knuckles


Click the picture to be taken to another delicious Vinnie The Knuckles recipe.

For those of you who haven’t visited our store (located in Downtown Prescott, AZ) you may not be familiar with Vinnie the Knuckles. Let me give you a 3-point rundown on this titan of flavor:

  1. Vinnie is a salt-free spice blend made with garlic, basil, fennel, parsley, lemon peel and oregano.
  2. Vinnie is named after the owner of Spice Traveler’s brother (who lives in New Jersey).
  3. Vinnie is going to make you a pizza (and a bunch of other things) you can’t refuse!

Now that spring has finally arrived (and for those of you out in the Northeast – my thoughts and warm prayers go out to you) we can get down to spicin’ out our favorite spring time treats. For me that means two things: asparagus and parmesan cheese! Aside from vegetables, Vinnie is great to add to your favorite pasta or chicken dish. You can smother him on garlic bread; sprinkle him on salads, rub him on steak, pork and even fish (hey! Instead of sleeping with the fishes, he’ll season them).  You can also keep some Vinnie The Knuckles and Tuscan Herb Olive Oil handy for when company comes over. For a quick appetizer, simple add Vinnie to the oil and stir. Toast or warm some bread until it’s nice and crusty and serve. It’s an easy, delicious and inexpensive way to entertain guests at home. There are so many delicious options when you add Vinnie to a meal, it’s no wonder he’s the top selling spice at Spice Traveler.

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2 Responses to Spring Spice Feature: Vinnie The Knuckles

  • Toni Gorden says:

    I am interested in the Balsamic Vinegars to purchase. Saw an episode of Arizona Highways. Please. Are they available? Thank you,
    Toni Gorden, 520-791-0791, in Tucson, or murtle13@cox.net. Grandmother, Great grandmother & Aunt, I am 90 years young and keenly in knowing more about your Balsamic Vinegars. I am handicapped and it traveling is difficult. Again, Thank you

    • Spice Traveler Prescott says:

      Hi Toni, my apologies for the late reply. That’s our sister store, Olive U naturally. They sell olive oils and balsamic vinegars. You can shop on their website and have the bottles shipped to you. Please click the following link, https://oliveunaturally.com.

      Here’s to 90 more years!

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