Ajwain Seed, whole

Similar to Thyme but more aromatic, as well as slightly bitter and pungent. Used widely in India and Africa, it is wonderful when slightly dry roasted, then crushed and added to a dish.  Just a little adds a lot of distinct flavor.  Add to lentils, and also bread dough.

Coconut, unsweetened, grated

Lightly toasted, Coconut makes a delicious topping for oatmeal, along with dried fruits and nuts. Or mix it into your favorite granola. Great with fruit and added to vanilla cake batter. Also a nice finishing touch on stir fries, and grilled fish.

Herbal Chocolate Chai, Rooibos

This delicious tea is an enticing blend of caffeine-free Rooibos (African Red Bush tea), Ginger, Cardamom, Chocolate Chips and Chocolate extracts.

Blood Orange Infused Sugar

Rim a drink glass, or sprinkle this delicious sweetener over roasted apples, or nuts n’ raisins.

Merlot, Infused Sea Salt

Add this flavorful sea salt to gravies and sauces, or as an accent with meat and cheeses.

Green Chile powder, New Mexico

One sniff and you'll be hungry, guaranteed!  This wonderfully fresh Green Chile powder is awesome...add it anywhere you need that unmistakable Southwest flavor!

Catch a Wave

Time to go barefoot and chill some drinks!  This great grillin' blend brings waves of flavor and gorgeous color to any kind of fish or seafood.  This blend includes *Orange Peel *Paprika *Garlic *Parsley *Aleppo Chili *Fennel -SALT FREE-

Basil, California

Best known for its power to impart the taste and smell of Italy to sauces, pesto, salads or virtually any dish. It’s also at home in Asian cuisine, where it adds herbaceous flavor to stir-fries and soup stocks.

Granulated Honey

The natural sweetness of honey, without the stickiness!  Use as you would regular sugar to sweeten drinks and desserts. Or; sprinkle on pork hot off the grill, use with light fish along with lemongrass for a sweet Thai twist and it’s delicious on corn on the cob too!

Sea Salt: Alderwood Smoked, fine

Our Alderwood smoked sea salt is like adding bacon to your favorite dishes...Great on beef, with fresh cheese, even chocolate!

Chiles! Urfa Biber, Turkey, crushed

A unique way to get your heat! This Turkish chili has notes reminiscent of coffee and raisins. Great used as part of a smoky rub on meats, or change up your chile recipe!

8-Second Rodeo Rub

Capture that cowboy spirit-easy goin’ out on the range, but still a little kick! Great on steaks, burgers, ribs or stirred into chili! Sage, Lavender, Cumin, Chilies --SALT FREE

Allspice Berry from Jamaica

Although it’s not actually a blend of "all spices," its taste and aroma remind many people of a mix of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It gives an exotic twist to soups, stews, and curries and adds instant “comfort” to baked goods.

Tasty Tuesday!

Come in today and try some kicked-up cornbread! We've mixed our Green Chile Infused Sugar with soft butter for a scrumptious spread. You could also use the sugar in the cornbread itself, or sprinkle it over the top when it's fresh out of the oven (oh my!....)

New Recipes

Just put up a bunch of our recipes on the site... some from the cooking classes, and Tasty Tuesdays. Don't worry, we'll keep 'em coming! www.spicetravelerprescott.com