An Update On Cooking Classes

Hey Folks! I know many of you have been asking about our cooking classes! In the past we updated you about the "Red Tape" were dealing with. We are still dealing with that tape however we have found a way to work around it. Our Nutritional Lecture series covers all topics related to the areas of health, wellness, nutrition and of course

This is what you can win if you decide to play! Enter your recipes today!

We’ve been very busy at Spice Traveler these days working on making our store and shopping experience more enjoyable for you! Here’s a quick rundown on some fantastic events, both online and in store that are happening in April. Spice Traveler is holding our first SPICE RECIPE CONTEST! We know you love our spices! We know you love to cook! Why

Spring Spice Feature: Vinnie The Knuckles

For those of you who haven't visited our store (located in Downtown Prescott, AZ) you may not be familiar with Vinnie the Knuckles. Let me give you a 3-point rundown on this titan of flavor: Vinnie is a salt-free spice blend made with garlic, basil, fennel, parsley, lemon peel and oregano. Vinnie is named after the owner of Spice Traveler's

“Eat Your Veggies!”

We've all heard learn how to make 'em scrumptious!! April Cooking Class details are up, along with class recipes from February at

Home for the Holidays

Back By Popular Demand! Everything from your Thanksgiving turkey to your New Year's Day roasted sweet potatoes will positively draw raves with our special holiday blend called "Home for the Holidays"! A blend including favorites like sage, cloves, garlic and a touch of brown sugar makes for scrumptiousness all around. Great on poultry and ham.

November Classes are all about quick, easy ways to Warm Up!

Soups On! As's a class that'll definitely shake up your cold-weather menus! We're changing up the format of the class a little this time. More of a festive get together to get us all in that "holiday" mood--as you try four different soups, you can mingle, meet other 'foodies' and share ideas! You'll get all four recipes, plus

Nothin’ a cup of cocoa can’t fix…

Hot Cocoa season is fast approaching...It warms tummies, ends a long day and always makes a friend  :  ) What's YOUR flavor? Hazelnutty, Mint, Raspberry, Mayan Spiced...or the ever-popular, Pumpkin Spice?  Come n' get 'em!

Thinkin’ Outside the Box

We're all for honoring tradition...but who says Curry powder is just for Indian food? Sprinkle it over some Butternut squash and roast 'em in the oven. Or how about a little Garam Masala on your pumpkin seeds this year? Here's a few more: Add Chinese 5 Spice to a caramel sauce and drizzle over ice cream. Put some Black Ground Cardamom in cookies

We just added a bunch of new recipes to get you inspired. Everything from Spiced Spanish Chicken to a fall-infused Plum Frozen Yogurt...have FUN!  :  )

October Cooking Classes, and more!

Feel that chill in the air?... We do! We kind of tiptoe'd into fall with our September class, "Fall Desserts". Now, we've got some GREAT ideas for "Appetizers & Small Bites" that'll get you through every dinner party, potluck, PTA meeting and 'too-lazy-to-cook-dinner" night with delicious fall flair! We'll be making the most of what the season

October Cooking Class!

Seasonal Appetizers & Small Bites Are you tired of the same cheese and crackers? Us too! Here's some great (but simple!) ideas for entertaining, potlucks, or even just a light dinner on a lazy night! And it'll be especially nice to really highlight the season and make the most of all those delicious fall flavors... We're making: -Triple

Easing into Fall…

What's the BEST way to hold onto summer while still dipping our toes into that big beautiful pile of fall leaves? Why, it's...Spiced Plum Frozen Yogurt, of course!  It's one of our yummy (easy!) recipes in September's cooking class, "Fallin' in Love with Fall Desserts". Be sure and sign up, it's filled with great ideas using those classic fall

Oh September…How we love ya!

Sign up now for SEPTEMBER COOKING CLASSES Fallin' in Love...with Fall Desserts! What is it about those classic fall flavors that makes us shiver with delight? Cinnamon, Nutmeg, know that feeling! Join us this month for some great ideas for desserts that are different enough to make you "Star of the Potluck"...and so easy you'll feel

Rain, Rain...DON'T go away! We're lovin' this monsoon season, aren't you? It's still hot enough to keep playing outside on the grill ;  )...and some days it's hot and steamy--which reminds us of Thailand (more on that later), but sometimes it cools off enough after a good rain to squeeze in a bit of a cool-weather meal now and then, just to keep

Chipotle, whole

Our whole Chipotle peppers add smoky heat to your southwestern dishes.  Delicious in salsas, or add flavor to your soups and stews.  Change up the flavor of your beans or lentils as well.

Ancient Chinese Secret

Our “Ancient Chinese Secret” blend adds flair to your favorite stir fries.  Also sprinkle over fish or chicken. Use in soups too! *Ginger *Szechuan Pepper *Garlic *Mint *Lemon Peel --SALT FREE--


Arrowroot is a natural thickener, and works well under low heat to thicken gravies & sauces. Best when used in acidic dishes and when you plan to freeze your food. Dissolve in cold liquid before adding to the pan. Also used as an alternative to wheat flour in baking.

Caraway Seed, whole

Caraway Seed is great for use in sauerkraut, soups, and stews.  It also makes a nice Irish Soda Bread. You can also sprinkle it lightly over spice cakes before baking. Try  mixing 1/4 cup melted butter with 1 to 2 teaspoons and spread on French bread or pour over green beans, for a delicious change of pace.

Wasabi, powdered

Let our Wasabi powder take your recipes up a notch.  Add small amounts of water to make a paste and enjoy with sushi. Or; dust lightly over grilled tuna or salmon. Blend into mayonnaise for a zesty spread for sandwiches or burgers, or even add a pinch to your mashed potatoes– it’ll be our little secret

Triple Berry Herbal Tea

Our Triple Berry Herbal Tea is BERRY-LICIOUS!  A delightful, bright blend of Strawberry leaf, Myrtle leaf, Blueberry leaf, Rose Hips, Hibiscus petals and Juniper Berry.  Perfect for a summer afternoon!

Double Mint Infused Sugar

Double Mint Infused Sugar will be sure to add some cool flavor to your desserts and drinks.  Try sprinkled over chocolate ice cream, or add to hot tea!

Alaea, Red Hawaiian Sea Salt, fine

Alaea Red Hawaiian Sea Salt is enriched with iron oxide from volcanic baked red clay from the Islands. This authentic seasoning is an attractive finishing salt on just about anything...go play!

Aleppo, ground

Aleppo ground Chili Pepper is a mild pepper from Syria. Many recipes call for this lovely pepper and it's fruity heat is unique!  Try it on your red meats (beef, lamb) or chicken.  You’ll find it’s also delicious in soups.

1864 Prescott Blend

Our 1864 Prescott Blend is a pleasant reminder of our little mile-high town. Woodsy and smoky, with freshly dried herbs, this is great on pot roast, steaks, lamb or mixed into burgers. Also great on roasted potatoes!  *Thyme *Rosemary *Smoked Black Pepper *Cumin *Orange Peel *Juniper Berry --SALT FREE--

Anise Seed, whole

Anise Seed, whole  Our Anise Seed lends a light licorice flavor and sweetness to baked goods–like Italian Pizzelles! It also pairs very well with cinnamon when cooking, or add the combination to clear broth, with fresh ground pepper and a few vegetables for a soothing soup.