October Cooking Classes, and more!

Feel that chill in the air?…
We do! We kind of tiptoe’d into fall with our September class, “Fall Desserts”. Now, we’ve got some GREAT ideas for “Appetizers & Small Bites” that’ll get you through every dinner party, potluck, PTA meeting and ‘too-lazy-to-cook-dinner” night with delicious fall flair! We’ll be making the most of what the season has to offer. Just think of what a sought-after guest you’ll be when you bring the yumminess, like: “Herbed Mushroom Tart”, “Butternut Squash Bruschetta” or “Curried Sweet Potato Cups” Sign up now!

New Toys!
Isn’t that kind of what it’s like when you get something new to play with in the kitchen? Or…is that just us?! Either way, see if these latest get your creative juices going:
     Lime Zest Infused Sugar!-Quite wonderful on the rim of a glass, but why stop there? How about topping a buttery cookie? Or sprinkling onto Tilapia before roasting? Yummmmm…..
Tellicherry Black Peppercorn-Kind of the Cadillac of Black Peppercorns (but without a Cadillac price!). A fruity, woodsy, multi-layered way to elevate good ‘ol pepper.
Ground Chipotle Powder-Boy, we sure do have some Chipotle lovers out there! Everyone seems to love that smokey heat. Now, in addition to our Whole Chipotle peppers, we also carry it freshly ground. Blends in very nicely anywhere you use it!
Get ’em now and have FUN!

Need Some Ideas?
We got ’em! There’s a whole bunch of new recipes on our website to keep you tearing up the kitchen. Around here, squeezing in time to cook isn’t easy, so you can be sure all the recipes are amazingly quick and simple! Check them out here.

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