Inspiration in a Tin!

Rain, Rain…DON’T go away!
We’re lovin’ this monsoon season, aren’t you? It’s still hot enough to keep playing outside on the grill ;  )…and some days it’s hot and steamy–which reminds us of Thailand (more on that later), but sometimes it cools off enough after a good rain to squeeze in a bit of a cool-weather meal now and then, just to keep things interesting! We hope you’re enjoying the weather, too, wherever you are!

So, that “inspiration” we were talking about?
Never ones to let you get bored in the kitchen, we’ve added a few new items you’ll want to add to your repertoire:
     Madras Curry powder-This slightly sweeter curry recipe, from Southern India, still has some nice heat. Used traditionally in vegetarian curries, it’s also quite at home in Butternut Squash Soup, and sprinkled onto roasted fall veggies, like sweet potatoes!
     Finally…Cajun seasoning!– After much ado, and some very tasty research, we might add–come and get some Boudreaux’s Bayou Blend! It’s got all that bold flavor and peppery kick you’d expect from your favorite “Looosiana” dish. Use it as a rub for Blackened Chicken, or add it to soups and stews. We’re lovin’ it!

Speaking of Thailand…
That’s the theme for our August cooking class and we can’t wait to get started! At the request of many of our fans of Thai cooking, we’ve brought in some classic ingredients that’ll give your dishes an authentic flavor:
     Green and Red Curry Curry Pastes-Thai curry dishes are made with an array of fresh ingredients that are either hard to find, or require lots of chopping and prep work. Our curry pastes will help you get there faster, without sacrificing taste! The Green features fresh green Thai chili peppers and the Red uses a dried red chili to get it’s heat. Either way, they’re delicious!
     Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves– There is nothing like the taste of these fresh little lime leaves, chopped finely, in your soups and curries. A truly unique ingredient in Thai dishes! They are at their  very best fresh, not dried…. so grab ’em while we’ve got them!

Summer Cooking Classes are Sailing Along!
All summer long, we’ve been “traveling”… to Provence, France, the Eastern Mediterranean and now Thailand, to take in the sights, scents and delicious tastes of those regions…yum! It’s been tons of fun and it’s not too late to join us!

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