Spice Traveler is the result of our desire to share our love of cooking and eating great food that’s good for you! So often, we hear people say they “don’t know how to cook”, or they “don’t have time to cook” or…they don’t know “what to cook anymore!” It’s our passion to inspire and teach people that great food is not relegated to just the “gourmet cooks” in our midst. Anyone can cook! (thanks, Gusteau…)

Our mission is to provide the freshest dried herbs and spices available, at reasonable prices. This way, it’s easy to stock up on excellent quality basics, like Basil and Cinnamon, and easily try things that may be new to you, like Galangal root or Annatto seed.

We are locally owned, and we wear all the hats. So when you visit us, you’re seeing the ‘world headquarters’ of Spice Traveler. We are partnered with the folks at Olive U Naturally, located¬† in Bashford Court in Prescott. Together, we’ve got what you need to make delicious, simple dishes that won’t take over your budget or lots of your time. Unless, of course, you grow to love cooking like we do and then you’ll want to spend more time in your kitchen!

Most of all, we want you to have fun while you’re here! When you come into the store, it’s a sensory adventure…sample jars to sniff, new things to discover, stories and recipes to be shared. We truly enjoy meeting each and every visitor, and we’d love to meet you, too.

Bill & Glenda
Spice Traveler

p.s.– our little note wouldn’t be complete without a BIG thank you to all of our current “Spice Travelers” who have come back again and again, and brought new friends! We are so thankful and truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the shop! We couldn’t do it without you!

p.p.s. — we have moved to a larger location! Come visit us in the Old Capitol Market Building located at 120 W. Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ! We are now so much more than a spice store.